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Tech for tech’s sake doesn’t work.  It’s time to place humans at the center of your marketing.
Technology can make brand experiences personal and purposeful. It can awe, attract and inspire—but only when it’s done right.


Marketers need a new playbook. One that prioritizes people over industry buzzwords and fragmented tech stacks. One that delivers experiences that are powered by human behavior and driven by data. Experiences that actually mean something.

The playbook exists—and we wrote it.
Say hello to interaction management.


Each time you connect with customers, they have the power—to listen, engage, share with friends, or to ignore, unfollow, unsubscribe.  It’s up to marketers to make these interactions matter.

That’s why we believe in interaction management. With our connected suite of products and services, you’ll eliminate customer experiences that are irrelevant, confusing or unwanted and build human connections that drive real business outcomes. You’ll optimize every interaction, every time.

Give people the intuitive
experience they expect

Optimize your marketing across channels. Tell people a connected story everywhere they go, anywhere you want to reach them. Email, loyalty, digital media—and beyond. Personalized across every channel and device. Cohesive interactions that make them feel recognized, appreciated—human.
It’s not only possible. It’s the only way to drive your return on your entire marketing investment.


We’ll help you strip away everything that isn’t working, that doesn’t connect you to your customers in the right ways.

And we’ll make your job easier—helping you drive more measurable
results with less budget waste.



Our data is human-focused, fluid and constantly learning and updating with each interaction—it gets to the truth about each person, in real time, over their lifetime. We help brands build a unified customer identity unlike any other, based on the industry’s most accurate, persistent and secure data.


We provide one view of each person across all their channels and devices, eliminating fragmented views and identification errors. We’ll make sure your data is protected, relevant, actionable and highly connectable.


We know that openness and honesty are vital to building relationships. We have nothing to hide, and our clients have everything to gain.


Everything we do is based on truth, proof and performance. Results speak louder than anything else, and no one is better at creating customer experiences that drive to your business goals.

  • Digital transformation
  • Data intelligence
  • Identity resolution
  • Machine learning
  • Personalization
  • Attribution
  • Technology

It makes everything better, everywhere you connect with customers.
Email, loyalty, CRM, digital media—and whatever the future brings.

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All eyes are on tech. But are you looking closely enough?
Businesses think of tech as the cure for what ails them. But when hyped-up tech underdelivers (as it often does), marketers often settle for “good enough for now” metrics—and for disjointed customer experiences instead of real, human connections.

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#1 ranked email and loyalty programs
75%+ of clients have been with us for 10+ years
Largest consumer data set in US and Canada

Don’t let Frankentech solutions and DIY approaches risk your competitive edge.

Talking a big tech game is easy, but few can give you smart, scalable, transparent and actionable solutions. It’s time to evolve from clunky tech stacks and disjointed experiences to streamlined solutions that produce outstanding business results.

Move fluidly between worlds.

In a multichannel world, we help you connect with customers fluidly and seamlessly. Our suite of interaction management products and services empowers you to tell a unified story across channels. With our database management platforms, consulting services, email, CRM and loyalty programs, you’ll create connected experiences to drive better outcomes and power true omnichannel for all.

We’ll meet you where you are and take you where you need to go.

  • Take our in-depth tech assessment to “reality-check your tech” and find the best way forward.
  • Benefit from our experience with the industry’s top brands, across all verticals—including financial services, retail, healthcare, travel and hospitality.
  • Grow with the industry’s #1-ranked email and loyalty programs and the largest CRM and direct marketing networks in the US.
  • Reach all your customers—and find new ones—with the largest consumer data set in the US and Canada.
  • Power your solutions with more data scientists than those who work with all the Fortune 100 companies combined.
  • Have all your local needs served, with offices around the world.
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Clicks as KPIs aren’t good enough anymore.
You have a right to see your customers clearly, as individuals, across all their devices and channels. And you should expect a digital marketing solution that recognizes, respects and rewards your customers like never before.

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We find 80% of clients’ customers (vs. 20% industry)
We reach 200+ million real people
96% accuracy at matching people to their devices

It’s no time for amateurs. 

There’s too much at stake to work with partners that can’t deliver on their tech promises or offer the kind of deep data expertise that drives real results. We’ve served the needs of progressive marketers for decades, earning a reputation for simplifying complex challenges and delivering human-powered, data-led media with better business outcomes.

Truth, proof and transparency speak louder. 

We power true omnichannel for all by transforming customer experiences into truly human experiences. With leading-edge data science, dynamic personalization and privacy by design, our clients own every interaction.

Omnichannel that’s omnipresent. 

  • Find an average 80% of your customers online, compared to other providers’ average of 20%.
  • Recognize your customers online, and maintain the chain of custody with industry-leading identity technology.
  • Reach 200+ million real people today, and have a high-definition view of them across 7,000+ profile attributes.
  • Connect across your customers’ devices with 96% accuracy, and stay connected with 80% of them for two years or more, for richer, more relevant conversations.
  • Achieve a 10X average incremental return on ad spend, with visibility into all the sales you drive, online and offline.
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Data that’s protected, relevant, actionable and connectable.
No one wants to hear that their data is a mess. But in reality, it’s often incomplete, unverified and difficult to use. To succeed, you need data that’s transparent, verifiable and trustworthy, giving you a 360-degree view of each customer as they move along the path to purchase.

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Nearly $3.6T in transactions across our data assets
95% client renewal rate
Data that fuels marketing campaigns for 3,000 brands

Transform ordinary customer experiences into connected human experiences.

Gain access to a connected suite of industrial-strength data assets rooted in years of brand intelligence—ones that identify which people to connect with, and reveal what they purchase, need and care about. You’ll create custom audiences, activate more customers across more channels, use more of your data, and ensure that data is treated with the respect and privacy it deserves.

What we do best is what marketers need to do next.

  • We’ve spent decades curating & building powerful data assets and making strategic acquisitions to strengthen our offerings.
  • We’re stewards of more transactional data for marketing purposes than just about anyone in the world, with intelligence on nearly $3.6 trillion in purchases.
  • We have breadth, depth and scale to connect the dots of customers across all channels.
  • Integrity and loyalty fuel 95% client renewal rates.
  • Our TotalSource Plus® consumer database has a combined ranking of #1 in the industry, according to a third-party audit.
  • We manage the first and largest cooperative database in the U.S., and the largest survey database in North America.
  • Our data fuels marketing campaigns for 3,000 brands.
  • Through our Abacus cooperative database, we provide about 1 out of every 2 names for new customer acquisition.
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The hard lines between OEMs, regional players and dealers are blurring.
Auto customers are expecting and demanding more. It’s critical to understand the industry’s changing dynamics, focus on each driver’s personal journey and speak to them with a single voice at every moment—from research to sale to service bay.

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30 years of automotive experience
We serve 7 of the top 10 global auto OEMs
300 million unique VINs in our database

Drivers want to cruise through their customer journey. 

The last thing any driver wants is an unexpected bump in the road, detour or dead end. A confusing or disrespectful interaction can be disastrous. We’ve proven to be trusted advisors to auto marketers who want to deliver on these customer expectations with seamless communications.

Create enduring relationships with all your customers. 

With decades of expertise across all auto tiers, we help you make every interaction count. You’ll create the smoothest customer experience in the industry through our world-class suite of digital and traditional marketing solutions.

Unparalleled results, scalability and depth of knowledge.

  • 30 years of automotive experience
  • Serving 7 of the top 10 global auto OEMs
  • 12,000 dealer customers
  • 300 million unique VINs in our database
  • 250 dealer consultants
  • International scale 
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Choose creative that’s driven by numbers,
and drives better results.
By harnessing our unparalleled trove of data assets, Epsilon Agency creates campaigns that move people, and move the needle. How? By finding hidden truths about the consumer, so our creative will connect with your audience in ways your competitors would never imagine.

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#1 Largest U.S. CRM/Direct Marketing Networks 2018, Advertising Age
#2 World’s Largest CRM/Direct Marketing Networks 2018, Advertising Age
Leader in Customer Loyalty Solutions for Large Organizations, Forrester

Our data shows what matters to people, so you can matter to them, too.

Via advanced proprietary analytics, Epsilon Agency creates positive interactions by delivering personally relevant messages to the right audience. For example, we’ll identify people who are likely to buy an engagement ring, on a mobile device and close to a jewelry store. And we’ll connect you with more than a few: more like 50,000 of them.

Intelligent information? Now that’s smart for business.

Epsilon can help you connect in ways that other agencies can’t. Unmatched in the marketplace, our intelligent consumer and B2B information covers hundreds of millions of individuals, more than 20 million businesses and thousands of data points, so your creative can connect in meaningful ways—with meaningful numbers to match.

Gain one-to-one reach with our end-to-end solutions at scale. We’re full service, and at your service.

  • Our data intelligence department provides unparalleled optimization, data design and consumer insights, as well as audience, competitive and trends analysis.
  • Tap into our advanced analytics: statistics and predictive modeling, attribution modeling, reporting, data visualization and more.
  • Planning and strategy are here to guide brand development, consumer journey mapping, persona development and a bevy of other services.
  • Our creative department uses data-driven inputs to craft world-class content and engaging UX, web and visual design. And you should see our broadcast and video production chops.
  • You’ll enjoy flawless execution—and delivery—of the creative solutions we create together. Trust our technology department to test, learn and then redeploy, to get you your best results.
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Thrive in the world’s largest and most established affiliate network.
We provide value at every point of the consumer journey, and our data-driven insights and solutions empower marketers to help their customers make the best purchase decisions.

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We connect with 930M+ global customers a month
We achieve 13B+ interactions a year
Our clients realize an average 17% YoY growth

Leverage the data powerhouse of CJ, Epsilon and Conversant.

Our customer-centric approach allows us to leverage individual customer profiles to offer cutting-edge technology: Affiliate Customer Insights, Cross-Device and Affiliate Personalization. These solutions allow advertisers to reach customers anywhere in their purchase journey and provide analytics that allow them to more deeply understand their customers.

Scale consumer engagement in the world’s largest affiliate network.

With nearly 4,000 advertisers and over 70,000 active publishers across the globe, you’ll thrive in the world's largest and most established affiliate marketing network, designed to help marketers achieve intelligent, scalable and sustainable growth. Leverage CJ’s deep global market expertise to help you identify international opportunities with the most influential publishers, to reach your cross-border and local consumers in over 200 countries.

Reach real people, see big results.

  • Realize your revenue potential: $15B+ annually
  • Reach more global customers: 930M+ monthly
  • Engage in more meaningful interactions: 13B+ annually
  • Experience 30% revenue growth in first year
  • See an average of 17% YOY growth
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